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  • 3,1 CZK Electricity cost per kWh*
  • 500 CZK Hosting price per month*
  • 99% Uptime

Uptime 99%

Air ventilation systems with dust filters maintain appropriate component temperatures and ensure a clean environment. Safety is provided through connections to the EZS and EPS, as well as physical checks by security personnel. We also offer insurance – 1000 Kč/machine/year – to cover additional threats. Up to 100 MW of power can be generated from our solar power plant, and excess heat is used for heating spaces near the data center.

You relax, we take care of everything

We constantly monitor and optimize machines for the best balance of performance and energy consumption. We perform regular updates and synchronization of graphics cards. We regularly clean the air with an air compressor. In case of failure of any component, we will promptly replace it and handle any warranty issues.

Results under control

Every month, we will send you a bill along with a mining report, where you will find all the important information about your mining, such as the amount of mined coins, electricity consumption, repairs, etc. We will issue the invoice in CZK and including VAT.

What id the process of using our services?

  1. Order and ContractContact us for inquiries about purchasing a rig including hosting. We will issue you an invoice for the new rig, sign together a co-location and maintenance agreement, and begin building your machine. If we have the rig in stock, we will immediately place it in our data center and prepare it for mining. All of this can be done conveniently via email or phone.
  2. Preparation of MaterialsIn the meantime, please prepare, according to our recommendation, the address of your cryptocurrency wallet to which you will want to mine, and we will confirm its validity. If you want to name your machine, please provide us with your preferred name and contact information, and we will regularly send you reports.
  3. Launch of Mining Once we receive all the necessary information, we will fire up the rig for you and provide you with a link to monitor your machine’s mining activity in real-time, including additional information. At the beginning of the following month, we will send you a report in PDF format, along with an invoice in CZK for the electricity and maintenance costs, to the contact information you have provided.


You are asking us…

Can I use your hosting services even if I already own a mining machine?

Yes, you can. However, we need you to provide us with information about your machine, components, and frame before we can assess whether we can take it over or offer you other options. If your rig is not compatible with our infrastructure, we will offer you a rebuilding of your rig into our frame, if possible.

How long do you offer hosting contracts for?

We typically offer hosting contracts with a one-year duration, which has proven to be the best option for both us and our clients. However, we can adjust the duration of the contract according to your needs.

For how long do you fix the price of electricity?

We try to fix the price of electricity for as long as possible, ideally three years in advance.

How does your fee for hosting and maintaining the mining rig work?

We charge a minimum of 500 CZK per month per machine (excluding VAT) for hosting and maintenance. If your machine produces more than 500 CZK worth of cryptocurrency per month (based on the current exchange rate at the time of invoicing), we will charge you 20% of the amount produced instead of 500 CZK.

Are repairs and maintenance included in the hosting price?

All repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of the mining rigs are included in the hosting price. If a more complex repair or replacement of a component is required and it is no longer under warranty, we will always offer you options for resolving the issue, including the price in advance. There are no hidden fees.

* without VAT | ** or 20% / mining rig / month

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MasterMiner s.r.o. Dyjská 845/4, Čakovice, 196 00 Praha 9

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