Got some BTC?

For all clients who wish to easily and safely buy or sell cryptocurrencies without relying on a cryptocurrency exchange, we are here to help.

Request Exchange

  • Purchase/sale of both large and small amounts
  • Option for cash or bank transfer exchange
  • For every exchange we use current exchange rate
  • Invoice available upon request for both individuals and businesses
  • Exchange of even the most recent and lesser-known cryptocurrencies

How does it work?

  1. Inquiry
    Submit a request form to tell us which cryptocurrency you would like to exchange.
  2. BuyingWhen purchasing, you will transfer the payment to our corporate account or deposit cash, and provide us with the address of your wallet so we can send the cryptocurrency there after purchase. Once we receive your funds, we will buy the cryptocurrency and send it to your wallet.
  3. SellingFor selling, we will send you the address of the relevant cryptocurrency wallet. You will send the agreed amount to this address. You can then collect the cash from us or we will transfer the funds to your specified bank account.
  4. ReceiptsWe will issue an invoice or tax document for your company, as needed.

Request Form

Please specify your request more precisely, and we will get back to you.

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Address and contacts

MasterMiner s.r.o. Dyjská 845/4, Čakovice, 196 00 Praha 9

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