Tangem Hardware Wallet

Born in 2017, Tangem breaks down barriers for crypto newcomers and enhances the custodial experience for advanced users

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  • EAL6+ Security
  • 25 years Warranty
  • Founded in

Better then a credit card

100% self-custodial cold hardware wallet . Store, buy, sell, earn,
transfer and swap thousands of coins and tokens. Independent Audit from Kudelski Security and Riscure.

Over 1 000 000 cards produced.
0 cards hacked!

Simple and Secure

Looks like a bank card and easily fits into your cardholder. All you need to manage your assets is a smartphone with NFC support, Tangem card and Tangem app

  1. Tap the card to your phone
  2. Create backup cards
  3. Set an access code/codes for your cards
  4. Sign transactions 24/7


  • EAL6+ – The highest chip security standard. Protection from any invasive and non-invasive attacks
  • IP68 – Maximum resistance to dust, water and temperature extremes (-25 to 50°C)
  • Čip – Just a chip with an antenna. No points of vulnerability or elements that are prone to failure
  • ISO – Protection against electromagnetic pulse, electrostatic discharge and X-rays

The Tangem firmware has two independent audits under its belt: first in 2018 by the Swiss company Kudelski Security and another in 2023 by Riscure, an international security lab. Both audits confirmed that the firmware has no backdoors or vulnerabilities, is not updatable, and contains no hidden algorithms.

By far the best

TangemOther hardware wallets
Setup time1-3 min20 min
Necessary equipmentSmartphone with NFCSmartphone, PC, cable
Backup optionAdditional cards or Seed phraseSeed phrase
Non-extractable keyYesOnly BIP39
Hardware certificationEAL6+EAL65+
Independent firmware auditYesNo
Hardware componentsOnly secure elementSecure element & non-certified parts
Anti-counterfeit protectionFirmware attestation mechanismAnti-fake stickers
Access code protectionYesYes
Access code recoveryYesNo
Water and dust protectionFull (IP68)No


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