Our company builds cryptocurrency
mining rigs since 2017
We run mining hosting facilities in Prague, Czech Republic

We offer complete services of cryptomining, from A to Z.

Free consultation in person at the mining site, by phone or by email.

Rig building

We buy the components for you, and build a rig for mining.

Regular accounting

Every month we send documentation and payment in your crypto what your rig has mined.

Placement and instalation

We will place and connect the rig into our mining room.

Maintenance and updates

Your rig will be monitored 24/7, to ensure highest uptime possible.

Setup and administration

We install the software necessary and optimize your rig.


If you decide to sell the rig, we can mediate the sale and return your investment partially.

Mining Rig making

Mining rigs, we make.

We make mining rigs with one to six graphics card as a standard.

Furthermore, we do custom-made rigs including the use of our cusomers own hardware.

Housing & management

We mine crypto in a former atomic bunker underground, redesigned for crypto mining services.

The current price for elektricity is 0.13$ per KilowattHour VAT excluded. The price is fixed for 3 years.

We still have free capacities for your miners.
Only 20% for us from the total mined crypto.

Repair & Service

We have experience aquired by daily service

Repair and Hot fix of mining rigs on the spot or online (videocall). We will tackle or advise on any problem.

Rig isn´t working, keeps crashing, has low hashrate…?
We will come around or help you online.

Our Mining Rigs

We offer mining rig configurations by the number of graphic cards installed. The mining setup consists of – CPU AMD Ryzen 3/ Intel Pentium, MOBO: MSi B450 AM4/Z490 LGA1200, RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666MHz, SSD: 120 GB, PSU: 1-2x 850W Gold or Platinum, Aluminium stackable frame, high quality pcie risers

Mining Rig 6x RTX 3060 Ti

Mining Rig 6x RTX 3060 Ti

Hashrate: 360 MH/s (EtcHash Algo)
Power Consumption: 1 000 W
Profitability: https://www.hashrate.no/3060tilhr
Price: 79 000 CZK excluding VAT
Several pieces in stock

Mining Rig 6x RTX 4070

Mining Rig 6x RTX 4070

Hashrate: 372 MH/s (Algoritmus Etchash)
Power Consumption: 850 W
Profitability: https://www.hashrate.no/gpus/4070
Price: 100 000 CZK excluding VAT
Several pieces in stock

Mining Rig 6x 4060Ti

Mining Rig 6x 4060Ti

Hashrate: 228 MH/s (EtcHash Algo)
Power Consumption: 530 W
Profitability: https://www.hashrate.no/gpus/4060ti
Price: 75 000 CZK excluding VAT
Several pieces in stock


*Hashrate is simply the speed of processing calculations of each mining machine.
The bigger the hashrate of the machine, the better its chances of getting a reward.


Remote Management of your Rigs

You have rigs in your own facility but need regular management, monitoring and efficiency settings of your rigs? You do not want to deal with the hassle though?

Use our service of remote contrl through HiveOS. We will take your farm under our wings and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. All for the same price as our hosting offer. Thanks to us, you will simply relax and watch your crypto portfolio grow.


Cryptomat – Buy & Sell Crypto

You would like to safely buy or sell crypto without the need to register on crypto exchange and to avoid the risk bound up with buying crypto on the Internet?

Come around and use our Crypto ATM. It will simply and safely exchange your crypto for cash and the other way around. Without registration and risk. You will find our ATM at our MasterMiner HQ in Prague 9.


+420 777 760 522
info@masterminer.cz (orders)

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