The revolution begins with us
construction of rigs

The revolution begins
with us
construction of rigs

We offer complete services of cryptomining, from A to Z.

Free consultation in person at the mining site, by phone or by email.

Rig building

We buy the components for you, and build a rig for mining.

Regular accounting

Every month we send documentation and payment in your crypto what your rig has mined.

Placement and instalation

We will place and connect the rig into our mining room.

Maintenance and updates

Your rig will be monitored 24/7, to ensure highest uptime possible.

Setup and administration

We install the software necessary and optimize your rig.


If you decide to sell the rig, we can mediate the sale and return your investment partially.

Let us build your mining rig

By default, we build mining rigs with one to six graphics cards. View more detailed specifications with prices and estimated yields.

Become a part of the revolution in the IT world.

Housing and administration

Let us manage your mining rig.

We mine cryptocurrencies in a former anti-nuclear bunker in the underground, which we transformed into a professional mining room.

20% for us from your cryptocurrency
or CZK 500/rig per month.

Rig configuration

We offer 6 basic rig mining configurations, which differ in the number of graphic cards.
RX 5700 8GB graphics cards are complemented by components such as a motherboard, processor, 1000-1300W or 2 × 850 / 750W power supply, 8GB RAM, SSD disk with OS, PCI riser with cables and the construction itself for component assembly.

Mining Rig 6GPU

Mining Rig 6GPU

Hashrate – 300 MH/s*
Power Consumption – 1200W = CZK 1,752
ESTIMATE Monthly yields ETH – 0.6 – 0.8 ETH
Price: 109 000 CZK without VAT

Mining Rig 5GPU

Mining Rig 5GPU

Hashrate – 250 MH/s*
Power Consumption – 1060W – 1 550 CZK
ESTIMATE Monthly yields ETH – 0.5 – 0.7 ETH
Price: 99 000 CZK without VAT

Mining Rig 4GPU

Mining Rig 4GPU

Výkon – 200 MH/s*
Power Consumption – 890W – 1,300 CZK
ESTIMATE Monthly yields ETH – 0.4 – 0.55 ETH
Price: 89 000 CZK without VAT

Mining Rig 3GPU

Mining Rig 3GPU

Hashrate – 150 MH/s*
Power Consumption – 740W – 1 080 CZK
ESTIMATE Monthly yields ETH – 0.3 – 0.44 ETH
Price: 79 000 CZK without VAT

Mining Rig 2GPU

Mining Rig 2GPU

Hashrate – 100 MH/s*
Power Consumption – 570W – 832 CZK
ESTIMATE Monthly yields ETH – 0.18 – 0.29 ETH
Price: 69 000 CZK without VAT

Mining Rig 1GPU

Mining Rig 1GPU

Hashrate – 50 MH/s*
Power Consumption – 400W – 584CZK
ESTIMATE Monthly yields ETH – 0.079 – 0.088 ETH
Price: 59 000 CZK without VAT

Each rig with less than 6 cards can be fitted with an additional GPU for CZK 10,000 / GPU.

*Hashrate is simply the speed of processing calculations of each mining machine.
The bigger the hashrate of the machine, the better its chances of getting a reward.



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