Terms and Conditions

  1. Introductionary Provisions


1.1. The following business terms of the seller MasterMiner s.r.o., trademark MasterMiner, located in Praha 9, Dyjská 845/4, 196 00, IČO 06128602, DIČ CZ06128602, regulate in accordance with § 1751 paragraph 1 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, the mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties arising from the purchase agreement concluded between the seller and another natural person for the sale of goods through an online shop on the internet address [www.masterminer.cz](http://www.masterminer.cz).


1.2. These business terms do not apply to cases where the person intending to purchase goods from the seller is a legal entity or a person acting when ordering goods in the course of their business or in the exercise of their independent occupation.


1.3. It is possible to agree on terms deviating from these business terms in the purchase agreement. Deviating provisions in the purchase agreement take precedence over the provisions of the business terms.


1.4. The provisions of the business terms are an integral part of the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement and the business terms are drawn up in the Czech language. The purchase agreement can be concluded in the Czech language.


1.5. The trader may change or supplement the wording of the business terms. By this provision, the rights and obligations arising during the validity of the previous wording of the business terms are not affected.




2.1. All product information on the website [www.masterminer.cz](http://www.masterminer.cz) is of an informative nature, and the seller is not obliged to enter into a purchase agreement for this product.


2.2. The online shop’s web interface contains information about the goods, including the display of prices of individual goods. The prices of goods include value-added tax and all related charges in accordance with the relevant legislation. The prices of goods remain valid for as long as they are displayed in the web shop interface. This provision does not limit the possibility of the seller to conclude a purchase agreement under individually agreed terms.


2.3. To order goods, the buyer fills out the order form in the web shop interface. The order form contains, among other things, information on: the name of the buyer, delivery address, telephone contact and email.


2.3.1. The goods being ordered (the buyer “places” the goods to be ordered in the electronic shopping cart of the web shop interface),


2.3.2. The method of paying the purchase price of the goods, information about the requested method of delivering the ordered goods and


2.3.3. Information on the costs associated with delivering the goods (hereinafter collectively referred to as “order”).


2.4. Before sending the order to the seller, the buyer is allowed to check and change the data that the buyer has entered into the order, including the possibility of the buyer detecting and correcting errors that may have occurred when entering data into the order. The buyer sends the order to the seller by clicking on the “Order” button. The information provided in the order is considered accurate by the seller.


2.5. Submitting an order is considered as such an act of the buyer that unequivocally identifies the ordered goods, the purchase price, the buyer’s person, the method of payment, and is a binding offer to the seller for a purchase agreement. The condition for the validity of the order is the completion of all mandatory fields in the order form, familiarization with these business terms on the website, and the buyer’s confirmation that they have been familiarized.


2.6. The seller will promptly confirm the receipt of the order to the buyer’s electronic address (as specified in the user interface or the order) by electronic mail.


2.7. The seller is always entitled, depending on the nature of the order (quantity of goods, purchase price, estimated shipping costs), to request the buyer to provide additional confirmation of the order (e.g. in writing or by phone).


2.8. The purchase agreement in the form of an order has a validity of 15 days.


2.9. The contractual relationship between the seller and the buyer arises upon delivery of the acceptance of the order (acceptance), which is sent by the seller to the buyer’s electronic address by electronic mail.


2.10. In the event that the seller is unable to fulfill any of the buyer’s requests, the seller will send the buyer a modified offer with a list of possible alternatives and request the buyer’s consent.


2.11. A modified offer is considered a new purchase agreement offer, and the purchase agreement is concluded only upon the buyer’s acceptance by electronic mail.”


2.12. By placing an order, the buyer agrees to use distance communication means to conclude the purchase agreement. The buyer bears the costs incurred when using distance communication means to conclude the purchase agreement (costs of internet connection, telephone calls).


2.13. The purchase agreement is concluded in the Czech language and is archived by the seller for proper fulfillment. It is not accessible to third parties.


  1. Terms of Payment and Prices


3.1. The price of the goods and any additional costs associated with delivery according to the purchase agreement may be paid by the buyer to the seller using the following methods: wire transfer to the seller’s account credit card payment payment through blockchain, cryptocurrency


3.2. In addition to the purchase price, the buyer is also required to pay the seller the costs associated with packaging and delivery of the goods in the agreed amount. Unless otherwise specified, it is understood that the purchase price includes the costs associated with delivery of the goods or sending the goods to the buyer’s address.


3.3. The seller does not combine discounts for the price of the goods offered to the buyer.


3.4. The seller sends the buyer a receipt for the sale along with the goods. The seller is the payer of VAT.”




4.1. Shipping and handling costs will be borne by the buyer, as per the prices listed on our website, www.masterminer.cz.


4.2. The seller does not require a deposit or any other form of payment from the buyer. This does not affect the buyer’s obligation to pay the purchase price in advance, as per point 4.5.


4.3. In the case of payment by installments, the purchase price must be paid within 3 days of the conclusion of the purchase agreement.


4.4. In the case of payment by installments, the buyer is responsible for paying the purchase price in full, including any variable symbol of payment, and the seller is entitled to demand payment of the purchase price in full at any time.

4.5. The seller is entitled to demand payment of the full purchase price before dispatching the goods, especially if the buyer fails to provide additional confirmation of the order (point 2.7.). The provisions of Section 2119 of the Civil Code shall not apply.


4.6. If the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the buyer’s specified address, the buyer is responsible for accepting the goods upon delivery. The buyer must inspect the goods upon delivery and notify the carrier of any defects or damage.


4.7. If the buyer is unable to accept the goods due to reasons on their part, the buyer is responsible for any additional costs incurred in delivering the goods, including costs associated with repeated delivery or delivery by another method.”


  1. Withdrawal from the purchase contract


5.1. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement without giving a reason, in accordance with Section 1829 of the Civil Code, within fourteen (14) days of taking possession of the goods. The withdrawal must be sent to the seller via email or in writing to the seller’s address, and the buyer may use the model form provided by the seller, which is attached to these terms and conditions.


5.2. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the purchase agreement shall be deemed null and void from the outset. The buyer must return the goods to the seller within fourteen (14) days of withdrawing from the contract. The buyer shall bear the costs of returning the goods, including the cost of shipping, even if the goods cannot be returned by the usual postal route.


5.3. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the seller shall refund the purchase price received from the buyer within fourteen (14) days of the withdrawal, in the same manner as it was received, unless the buyer and seller agree on a different refund method. The seller is not obligated to refund the purchase price to the buyer before the buyer returns the goods.


5.4. The buyer is entitled to a refund of any costs associated with the transportation of the goods (postage) when they return the goods (not including the return of the original purchase price).


5.5. The buyer acknowledges that, according to Section 1837 of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract for the supply of goods that have been manufactured or modified according to the consumer’s request or for their specific needs (custom-made goods).


5.6. The buyer acknowledges that if the returned goods are damaged, worn out, or partially consumed, the seller has the right to claim compensation for the damage caused to the goods and may unilaterally set off this claim against the buyer’s claim for a refund.


5.7. If the seller provides the buyer with a gift along with the goods, the gift is considered a separate contract that is terminated if the buyer exercises their right to return the goods. The buyer is then required to return the gift along with the goods and any compensation paid.


5.8. The seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time before the buyer takes possession of the goods. In this case, the seller must inform the buyer via email to the address provided in the order and return the purchase price without any unnecessary delay.


  1. Rights from defective performance


6.1. The rights and obligations of the parties regarding defective performance are governed by the relevant general provisions of the Civil Code (specifically Sections 1914 to 1925, 2099 to 2117, and 2161 to 2174).”


6.2. The seller is responsible for ensuring that the goods are free of defects and meet the agreed-upon specifications at the time of delivery. Specifically, the seller warrants that the goods: a) have the properties agreed upon by the parties, and if no such agreement was reached, have the properties described by the seller or reasonably expected by the buyer based on the nature of the goods and the seller’s advertising; b) are suitable for the purpose intended by the buyer, as represented by the seller; c) meet the quality or performance standards agreed upon in the sample or model, if such standards were specified; d) are in the correct quantity, measure, or quality; and e) comply with all relevant legal requirements.


6.3. The provisions of Article 6.1 and 6.2 do not apply to goods sold at a lower price for a defect for which the lower price was agreed. However, if the goods were used or worn out beyond the normal use or wear and tear expected for the goods, the buyer is not entitled to claim a defect.


6.4. The buyer’s right to claim defective performance is based on the defects the goods had at the time of delivery. If the defects do not become apparent until later, the buyer must notify the seller within six (6) months of delivery. It is assumed that the goods were defective at the time of delivery if the defects become apparent within six (6) months.


6.5. If the defective performance is a significant breach of the contract, the buyer has the right to: a) request the seller to repair or replace the goods; b) request a reasonable discount on the purchase price; or c) cancel the contract and request a refund of the purchase price.


6.6. The seller will resolve any defective performance by repairing or replacing the goods. If it is not possible to repair or replace the goods, the seller will offer a reasonable discount on the purchase price. If the buyer does not accept the seller’s offer, the buyer may cancel the contract and request a refund of the purchase price.


6.7. The buyer’s rights regarding defective performance can be exercised at the address: Dyjská 845/4, 196 00 Praha 9-Čakovice.”


6.8. For the purposes of exercising the right of recourse for defective performance, the moment when the seller received the defective goods from the buyer is considered the relevant time.


6.9. The parties may further agree on additional rights and obligations of the seller in relation to the buyer’s liability for defects in the sales contract.


  1. Other Rights and Obligations of the contracting parties


7.1. The buyer acquires ownership of the goods upon payment of the full purchase price.


7.2. The seller is not bound by any codes of conduct towards the buyer in accordance with Section 1826(1)(e) of the Civil Code.


7.3. The Czech Trade Inspection is responsible for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes arising from the sales contract. The Czech Trade Inspection is located at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, IČ: 000 20 869, internet address: http://www.coi.cz.


7.4. The seller is entitled to sell goods based on their business license. The seller’s professional conduct is subject to the control of the relevant trade licensing authority. The Office for Personal Data Protection exercises supervision over the seller’s compliance with the law on the protection of personal data. The Czech Trade Inspection exercises supervision over the seller’s compliance with the law on consumer protection, including the provisions of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended.


  1. Protection of Personal Data


8.1. Personal data protection for customers who are natural persons is provided by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended.


8.2. The customer consents to the processing of the following personal data: name and surname, address, identification number, tax identification number, email address, and telephone number (hereinafter referred to as “personal data”).


8.3. The customer consents to the processing of personal data by the seller for the purposes of fulfilling rights and obligations under the purchase agreement and for the purpose of managing the user account. If the customer does not choose another option, they also consent to the processing of personal data by the seller for the purpose of sending information and commercial communications. Consent to the processing of personal data in full extent according to this article is not a condition that would prevent the conclusion of the purchase agreement.


8.4. The customer acknowledges that they are required to provide their personal data (upon registration, in their user account, and upon ordering from the web interface of the store) accurately and truthfully, and that they are required to inform the seller without undue delay of any changes to their personal data.


8.5. The seller may entrust the processing of personal data to a third party, as a processor. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties without the customer’s prior consent, except for the cases where the seller is obligated to do so by law or for the purpose of delivering the goods.


8.6. Personal data will be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed in electronic form, automatically or non-automatically, in printed form.


8.7. The customer confirms that the provided personal data are accurate and that they have been informed that the provision of personal data is voluntary.


8.8. In the event that the customer believes that the seller or processor (Article 9.5) is processing their personal data in a way that violates their right to privacy or the law, particularly if the personal data is inaccurate or incomplete with regard to the purpose of the processing, the customer may:


8.8.1. Request an explanation from the seller or processor,


8.8.2. Demand that the seller or processor remedy the situation,


8.9. If the customer requests information about the processing of their personal data, the seller is required to provide this information. The seller may request a reasonable fee for providing the information, provided that the fee does not exceed the costs incurred in providing the information.


  1. Sending commercial announcements and storing cookies

9.1. The customer consents to the sending of information related to the goods, services, or business of the seller to their electronic address, and further consents to the sending of commercial communications from the seller to their electronic address.


9.2. The customer consents to the storage of so-called cookies on their computer. If it is possible to complete a purchase on the website without the storage of cookies on the customer’s computer, the customer may withdraw their consent at any time in accordance with the previous sentence.


10 Delivering Documents


10.1. Notifications regarding the relationships between the seller and the buyer, particularly regarding the withdrawal from the purchase contract, must be delivered by registered mail, unless otherwise specified in the purchase contract. Notifications are delivered to the appropriate contact address of the other party and are deemed delivered and effective upon their delivery through the mail, except for notifications of withdrawal made by the buyer, which are effective if sent within the withdrawal period.


10.2. For delivered notifications, it is also considered delivered if the recipient has refused to accept it, or if it has been returned as undeliverable.


10.3. The parties may mutually communicate with each other via email, using the email address specified in the user account of the buyer or the email address specified by the seller on its website.

Protection of Personal Data and Use of the Website


Dear valued users of our website, We inform you that the provider of these websites is MasterMiner, s.r.o., ID No.: 06128602, DI No.: CZ06128602, with its registered office at Prague 9-Čakovice, Dyjská 845/4, PSČ 196 00, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 276674 (hereinafter referred to as “MasterMiner”). Your visit to our website www.masterminer.cz (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) confirms your consent to the following terms of use and our privacy policy and data protection rules.


Terms of Use

The contents and structure of the pages are protected by copyright. The names and logos presented on the pages are protected by a registered trademark of MasterMiner s.r.o.

Information and materials provided and displayed on the pages may be used without further permission, specifically for personal purposes such as downloading, copying, and printing. Any other use of information and displayed materials, particularly (but not exclusively) for commercial purposes, always requires prior explicit consent from MasterMiner s.r.o.

Users of the pages agree to comply with applicable laws of the Czech Republic and not to harm or threaten the rights and interests of MasterMiner s.r.o. or any third party. In particular, users agree not to interfere with the content of the pages, use the pages for unsolicited commercial messages or chain letters, or transmit viruses or any other harmful content.

MasterMiner s.r.o. continuously monitors and updates the information and materials presented on the pages, but cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. The same applies to all web pages that can be accessed through hypertext links on the pages. MasterMiner s.r.o. has no control over external web pages and is not responsible for their content. All information provided on the pages is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a proposal or offer to conclude a contract.

MasterMiner s.r.o. reserves the right to make changes to the information and materials presented on the pages at any time without prior notice.

Company MasterMiner s.r.o. does not bear any liability for any damage that may occur to users as a result of using the pages and/or web pages of third-party entities that can be visited through the pages.

Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

Company MasterMiner s.r.o. fully respects the privacy of users of its pages and the protection of personal data is one of the company’s most important priorities.

The basic principle is that Company MasterMiner s.r.o. allows visitors to the pages without the need to disclose identifying information about the user. However, access to certain sections of the pages or the use of some of the services provided by Company MasterMiner s.r.o. may be subject to the provision of certain personal data. When handling personal data, Company MasterMiner s.r.o. acts in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”). To fulfill its obligations arising from the Act, Company MasterMiner s.r.o. is entitled to briefly inform users about the principles of personal data processing and the basic rights of users of the pages related to their processing.”

MasterMiner s.r.o. processes personal data for the following purposes: (i) To fulfill orders, reservations, and contracts related to the services offered by the company, (ii) For the purpose of statistics, analysis, and surveys related to the provided services, (iii) To inform about new products and promotional activities, and (iv) To fulfill legal obligations arising from applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

MasterMiner s.r.o. processes personal data to the extent necessary for the above purposes, which includes the following data: name, surname, address, email, and phone number.

In case the company requires additional personal data beyond what is necessary for the above purposes, such data will be labeled as non-mandatory and their provision is voluntary.

If you provide your email address to MasterMiner s.r.o., the company is entitled to send you its newsletter, as well as other advertising and marketing materials. You will be given the option to unsubscribe from such materials in each email. To unsubscribe, you can send an email to info@masterminer.cz.

MasterMiner s.r.o. ensures the security of users’ personal data during transmission by using specific technology that encodes the data. The data is then stored on a server that meets current standards and is protected by appropriate security measures. Any persons who come into contact with personal data are obligated to maintain confidentiality about the data and the security measures in place to protect it.

MasterMiner s.r.o. may share provided personal data with third parties if it is necessary to fulfill obligations arising from applicable laws for the company.

In compliance with the law, MasterMiner s.r.o. informs users of its websites of their right of access to their processed personal data as set forth in Section 12 of the law. If a user requests information about the processing of their personal data, MasterMiner s.r.o. is required to provide this information without undue delay. The information must include the purpose of the processing, the scope of the processed data, and the recipients of the data, including all available information about their source. MasterMiner s.r.o. may request a reasonable fee for providing this information, not exceeding the costs incurred in providing it.

If a user believes that MasterMiner s.r.o. is processing their personal data in violation of their privacy or in violation of the law, they may request explanation and correction or deletion of the data. If the request is found to be justified, MasterMiner s.r.o. will remove the defect without delay. If MasterMiner s.r.o. does not fulfill the request, the user has the right to appeal to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Information according to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection Customers have the right to submit a proposal for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes to the designated out-of-court dispute resolution body, which is:

Czech Trade Inspection

Central Inspectorate – Department of ADR

Štěpánská 15

120 00 Praha 2

Email. adr@coi.cz

Web: https://adr. coi.cz

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory body that exercises oversight over the protection of consumers, pursuant to Act No. 64/1986 Coll., on the Czech Trade Inspection, as amended, and other legal provisions. The website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority is  www.coi.cz.

In accordance with Section 1837(j) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, a consumer does not have the right to withdraw from a contract for accommodation services if the accommodation provider fulfills the contract within the agreed time.

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MasterMiner s.r.o. Dyjská 845/4, Čakovice, 196 00 Praha 9

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