Mining Rig Build

How does the construction and sale of a mining rig work here?

  1. Contact Us
    • Please contact us with your non-binding inquiry and specific requirements.
    • We will prepare a concrete offer within a few days based on your wishes.
    • After that, we will contact you to discuss the details and whether you are interested in just building the machine or also in its maintenance and housing.
  1. Order and payment
    • If you decide to order, we will send you a detailed invoice for the materials and services you require, including a 2-year warranty on your machine.
    • Once we receive payment, we will start building the machine within 14 working days.
  1. Delivery and commissioning
    • We will deliver the machine and explain all the necessary information about its operation and maintenance.
    • In case of any problems, complications, or anything else, we are always there to help you.
  1. If you decide to place your machine in our housing under our management, the process will be as follows:
    • After assembly, we will place your machine directly in our warehouse (housing). From that point on, you do not need to worry about the operation and maintenance of the machine at all.
    • You can monitor the machine’s operation in real-time through the monitoring link we will send you after commissioning. At the end of each month, we will prepare a documentation for you, which will contain all the important information:
      • How much ETH your machine has mined
      • How much electricity the machine consumed
      • If any faults occurred
      • Calculation of the fee (20% of the mined ETH) for housing and machine maintenance.
  2. We will bill the fee at the end of each month, based on the current ETH/CZK exchange rate according to the Binance rate, and issue a separate invoice for the fee.

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Address and contacts

MasterMiner s.r.o. Dyjská 845/4, Čakovice, 196 00 Praha 9

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